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Ahlford is a modern consultancy firm that provides legal services. The way we operate helps our clients to create value-added and generate more business. We are not only consultants, we are also a business operation.

Legal consultancy for business

Ahlford provides solutions to problems and enhances opportunities for the private and public business community. Our general orientation is business law, various forms of dispute resolution, and bankruptcy, insolvency and company reconstruction. Our special focus is the property and construction business, owner-managed companies, the life-science field and the public sector.

Ahlford has smart and knowledgeable lawyers who understand the property business.

Anders Wärefors, CEO, Bjerking AB

Property and contracting

From the very start property and contracting has been one of our areas of expertise. We count listed property companies, as well as private property owners and local construction companies among our clients.

Owner-managed companies

In owner-managed companies, the owners often have multiple roles and functions. Regardless of your roles, the way we operate can provide you with advice and support in your business. We specialize in business law. With us you will be able to tap into solid experience from board work and many years of experience with consultation, contract negotiation and dispute resolution.

Life science

The life-science sphere is an important part of our operations. Our commissions often involve not only backing up pharmaceutical and medical technology companies in legal matters, but also to a great extent facilitating productive collaboration between medical care, the academy and business.

The public sector

Ahlford’s engagement in the public sector encompasses a broad range of assignments. We are highly experienced in representing public authorities and other public bodies, including national government agencies, municipalities, county council districts and municipal corporations in a variety of legal contexts.

28 associates

Ahlford Advokatbyrå AB was established in 1996. Today we have 28 associates, 22 of whom are lawyers.

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Our main office is in Uppsala, and we operate primarily in the greater Stockholm region.

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